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My love saga with books – Part 1


It all began from the library in our school.  I was about 8 years old and we were asked to pick up one book to read and return within a week.

I don’t know why but probably the book cover attracted me and I picked up Mr. Galliano’s Circus by Enid Blyton. I started it halfheartedly  but by the time I was into the 20th page, I fell in love with the characters, Enid Blyton and the book all in that order.I think I finished the book within 2-3 days and then I was waiting for the next weekly library period for getting my next book.

My love story with books had begun….

I loved all the series’ by Enid Blyton.. the Famous Five, the Mystery Series, the Secret Seven, St Clare’s etc. The way she built the mystery, the ways she described food(though I did not understand what most them were but they sounded delicious) and the way the suspense was revealed. I would still recommend Enid Blyton to any young reader.

I then moved on to Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie.

My father bought me the Sherlock Holmes, Complete Collection , while I was in my 8th class. And I finished both it all during my summer vacation. I used to savor one story per day and usually took time to reflect and think about it before starting on the next story.

Completing the Sherlock Holmes series made me want to take up the profession of a detective. It really had a deep impression on my teenage mind.

I always had a book in my school bag, sometimes more than one, and I hid them from my mother who used to scold me for spending more time on reading stories than on studying academic books. Myself and few of the other book nerds from my class used to swap books once every 2-3 days. So, we managed to finish 2-3 books every week.

We also used to borrow books from the boys in the class who never read the books taken from the library but had to take anyway.Our school library was big and it had several hundred books. The librarian was not so friendly though and he sometimes did not allow us to select books and forced some books on us.

We had a big collection of books in my home too, my father being an avid reader. Before my high school years, I used to stare for hours at all the books in the shelves at home and knew most of the names and writers by heart. I was just waiting to grow up quickly so that I could read them as soon as possible… Alistair Maclean, Desmond Bagley, AJ Cronin, Arthur Hailey, Sydney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer…I knew these authors since childhood. It was as if they were my childhood companions and I grew up loving them all even before reading their works.

Some of my favorite books during my schooling years were:

  • The complete Nancy Drew Series by Carolyn Keene – I have read almost all the books in the series
  • Sherlock Holmes – The Complete Works by Arthur Conan Doyle
  • And Then There were None by Agatha Christie
  • Why didn’t they ask Evans  by Agatha Christie
  • The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie


2020- Year of RESET


We had gotten so busy making a living that we forgot what it is to LIVE. We ignored nature and forgot what conservation meant. We forgot conversing with ourselves and our family and were busy trying to learn professional and social media conversations in order to please everyone.
Our thoughts and feelings were so much influenced by what we saw or read in the social media , not something from our own life and experiences. We got so busy trying to make people like us that we forgot liking ourselves.
Overall, we had become very complacent and had developed a very laid back attitude towards life.
When did we get so far away from ourselves, so much that we forgot our own thoughts and feelings.

Keeping aside the conspiracy theories and looking at one of the positive things from this world-wide tragedy,these few weeks have taught us quite a few things. This would be one of the hard ways that nature follows to bring us back to our roots.
Now we are hearing silence and seeing sounds…indeed , we hear and see birds singing, the rustle of leaves, sunrise, sunsets.
We are now looking at people, instead of staring at electronic devices. We now understand more the meaning of co-existing.

We now enjoy silence and our own company.
Now, we have understood the importance of cleanliness and discipline in our daily routine.
We have become creative, thoughtful, compassionate and united.
We know know the difference between the enormity of our wants and the simplicity of our needs.We need less tangibles and more relationships.
We have realized that it is OK to have a normal , routine life and it is not necessary to always be on the edge.

And, since we can’t go OUTSIDE, we went INSIDE and spent time with ourselves.And hopefully beautified it and enjoyed our own company!

Looking back at 2019


I look back at 2019 with satisfaction, contentment and a lot of learnings.

Professionally,2019 did not start on such a positive note, since a long term work assignment to which I had given by sweat and toil was cut short too early. However, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise by mid-year when the work on the same assignment gave me a rare and wonderful opportunity to switch my job to a better one, both career-wise and financially too. Moving out from my old and comfortable job was not an entirely smooth one, but it taught me so many things.
Firstly, that Nothing or no one is indispensable.Secondly,there is nothing like empathy while dealing with organizations. Everyone is only concerned with financial benefits.

But then, any change is always tough especially when one is moving out from the comfort zone.

Mid-year also had us celebrate an important family event, that of Karthik’s Upanayanam. This was planned and executed completely by hubby with the necessary support from me and the rest of the family members. This was a very joyous event made much joyful by the presence of our extended family.

2019 gave me a lot of “me time” to introspect and retrospect on myself and life at large. I realized who are the people that really matter to me and letting go of some negative people in my life made it so much more peaceful.
I read several books that I wanted to read, watched movies and TV shows that I have wanted to watch. Here are some of the best ones that I read and watched.

Best Read Books in the year:
Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult
Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine by Gail Honeyman
Bear Town by Fredrik Backman

Best watched Movies of the year:
The sky is pink
Gully Boy

I got addicted to couple of TV/online web series like SUITS. Also liked Wild,Wild Country and Delhi Crime a lot.These shows gave me a hangover of a couple of days after they got over.

Also spent time with parents and in-laws and took care of their medical and other needs. This gave me a lot of satisfaction and contentment.

Finally, in retrospect, a lot of things changed within me and my world but without much ado.



24DAD08C-69A4-454A-A22D-A4D05A4EFB96The Happiness Quotient

Was reading today about the 20 most happy nations in the world and was wondering…how does one measure happiness?

Is an individual happy because all his needs are fulfilled, his physical health is great, his family is complete, he as a great job, he is financially secure,etc.

We have seen people who don’t have all the above but are still happy.  Though one might not have enough money but due to the strong support system in terms of friends /family, a person  might feel on top of the world.

And vice-versa, we have also seen people who have all the above but are still not happy. A person with great physical health might still be suffering from depression.

Does the heart or the mind define happiness? Or is it when both are balanced.

I think happiness comes from seeing it in others, especially the ones you love. That’s how we ‘spread’ happiness. 

So happiness grows within us but its seed is germinated from seeing others happy.

So happiness grows inside you and its fragrance spreads for a happy family, a happy society and on the whole a happy nation.

Happiness Quotient =Sum Total of everyone’s happiness/One’s own fears or doubts

So instead of working on your happiness, work on your fears and doubts and reduce them to improve the overall happiness quotient.

So all the nations that are happy have people who have conquered their fears and self-doubts.






Love completely

Die contentedly

Sing soulfully

Read mindfully

Dance hysterically

Write truthfully

Eat thankfully

Drink thirstily

Study honestly

Play fitfully

Sleep peacefully

Smile genuinely

Laugh insanely

Pray faithfully

Work sincerely

Live   …?? Is that the mystery of life??



Oscar Wilde once said ” I have the simplest of tastes.I am always satisfied with the best”.

I am not sure if he was he was highlighting the ‘best’ part but I think being satisfied is what’s important here.

Only when one is satisfied and content with what one has, he/she will consider it as the best. And that makes it the simplest since the best things are always simple.

Complexity is what makes life worse.



Happiness is not about what is around you, but it has to do do with what is inside you.

Hence, spend time with yourself and on yourself  and with people whom you love, because at the end of the day, that is what counts.


Placeholder ImageDon’t live the same day over and over again, and call it a life.

Create or build something(an idea resulting in an action and getting converted to a tangible item).

Learn something new, build up on your knowledge/experience.




Heard from someone today that “Resemblance is not comparison”.

The dictionary tells me the following:

As nouns the difference between comparison and resemblance is that comparison is the act of comparing or the state or process of being compared while resemblance is the quality or state of resembling; likeness; similitude; similarity.

But…are we not comparing two things when we search for resemblances..??

I guess while searching for resemblances , we try to identify similarities but while comparing , we are trying to identify differences!


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